Piedras de Mani is one of the most wonderful places we have visited not only in Caldas but in the whole of Colombia. It sounds modes- a regular bed and breakfast, but in fact, it is so much more!

Very seldom you can find a place that spotlessly clean. For us, it is the most important factor while choosing a place to stay. In Piedras de Mani you can clearly see that the owners care about their property and thereby care dearly about their guests. That’s a rarely found feature which should be highly appreciated and praised.

The hotel is newly renovated with modern interiors and a pleasant, calming interior design. The rooms are bright and spacious, with private bathroom and TV screens connected to the Internet (which means that you can do your ‘Netflix and chill’ session also during holidays :)).

There is a common kitchen where in the morning you can order a delicious breakfast of your choice, from cereals to eggs prepared in any way you wish. We enjoyed very much our morning coffee and a freshly pressed orange juice served in the bright dining room. It couldn’t get any better.

The next amazing feature of Piedras de Mani and surely its biggest advantage is its staff. Absolutely EVERYONE there is kind and helpful. From the very beginning, we felt welcomed and relaxed and we are very thankful for those two stress-free days.

Piedras de Mani is located within a walking distance from many touristic places in Manizales. We couldn’t think of the more convenient place to spend holidays or a weekend while visiting Colombia.

We highly recommend this hotel, it has absolutely everything you need- the comfort, the coziness, and the most professional service. Book now, thank us later!

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