Hafen49 Mannheim

The club Hafen49 Mannheim is urban madness in its purest form. The techno and electronic music scene has a long history of dark sweaty clubs but here you can party outdoors in the daytime.

Blonde German man in front of a dancing crowd in Hafen49 Mannheim
Mostly sunny!

Between rusty containers lies Mannheim’s best hiding place at anchor, the so-called harbor 49. Where the Neckar river merges into the Rhine river; house, techno, electronica, and more genres are played by well-known Dj’s during late spring till the beginning of autumn.

With lovely decoration and great attention to detail, the Hafen 49 is one of Germany’s best outdoor clubs when it comes to electronic music. The location – surrounded by cranes and containers in the middle of the Mannheim harbor area – combines the industrial charm of a freight harbor with the authenticity of seafaring times. It is a party haven for up to 1,500 visitors to escape from everyday life and get lost in the music.

Benjamin Nerding with Pilocka Krach in Hafen49 Mannheim
Pilocka Krach

Best Open Air Club in Germany // Hafen49 Mannheim

The open-air season is traditionally initiated on May 1st at the Hafen49. The club witnessed many great summers with numerous sold-out parties. Every spring the Hafen 49 is ready to top the success of the last year again.

The dancefloor is a sundeck with a postindustrial panorama. It really is a flood of sensations thanks to the surreal decoration and fantastic sound system. The club represents an irreparable cut wire to reality. The open-air location lets you breathe fresh air while you practice your dance moves. You can enjoy the sun and cool breeze while sipping on a glass of local wine or beer.

Dancing crowd in the Open Air Club Hafen49 Mannheim
Best Open Air Club in Germany

Year after year, electronic music lovers are attracted to the open-air club starting with the first rays of sunshine.

Some of the best European and international Djs have proven their capability and their competence as captain of the crowd. Guests from all over southwestern Germany safely manoeuver through the afternoon and evening at the club during the summer weekends. The usual opening hours are from 3 pm until 10 pm. Afterward, guests of the harbor can go to the afterparty at either the Loft Club or Das Zimmer to dance away their time till the early morning hours.

See you on deck.

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