Paragliding in Ecuador

“Run, don’t stop. Just keep running. After that, it will all be Tranquillo.” That’s what we were told by Alexander Tapia, who operates as a paragliding guide with the Parapente Alta Go Group- Paragliding in Ecuador. There is no reason to be scared with this man, after 30 years of running off cliffs, he has certainly well earned his title as third oldest still active paragliding instructor and tandem pilot.

But what comes first you might wonder? Everything starts with the safety instructions which you should under no circumstances misunderstand. In short, wait until fully secured, start running, keep running, as the paraglider catches the wind you’ll feel the feet in the air, finally, tuck your bottom pillow under and lean back to enjoy. You should look around and just enjoy the stunning 360degree view over the mountains and houses of the second-highest city. With a 10min flight and 500m drop from 3000m to roughly 2500m, the jump is good for anyone and any age.

Alta Go Group

Alexander and his team take full care of you with pick-up from the city center of Quito and a safe return. Within less than 40min drive (depending on traffic) you will arrive at the Cerro Auqui. A quick look around and up it goes. Included in the tour is GoPro video, this way you won’t have to worry about your memories. Everything together, you will be back for lunch at your hotel or more sightseeing in the afternoon.

Just don’t enjoy the stunning landscape for too long because there is still some action involved. Some turns will let you feel the gravity force pulling and if you are lucky enough Alexander will go to do a ‘termina loco’ (crazy ending). Well, why don’t you find out for yourself what this means? But one thin2g is certain when he says ‘feet up’ it will soon be finished.

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