Hotel Kürschner

Our stay at Hotel Kürschner was a pleasant surprise. We didn’t plan to stay there, nevertheless, we enjoyed very much all the facilities offered in this beautiful place. Located in Koetschach, a little charming town in the heart of the Austrian Alps.

Surrounded by mountains, with a huge thriving garden and a park, it is an ideal place for holidays with family or with your better half. On warm days guests can enjoy the swimming pool hidden among trees. When the weather does not favor outdoor activities, one can enjoy the Hotel’s SPA with saunas, a swimming pool, and a whirlpool. All those looking for total relaxation can enjoy a variety of massages and beauty treatments.

Children haven’t been forgotten at Kürschner’s. There is a special playroom filled with toys and movies for kids of all ages.

The restaurant located on the ground floor is tastefully designed and spacious. Guests coming for a dinner can enjoy the open buffet as well as choose from three different dishes changing daily.

The interiors, both of the lobby and the rooms are tasteful, filled with antique furniture which gives the hotel the real Austrian atmosphere. We experienced at the Kürschner only kindness thanks to all the staff working there and were very lucky to find this remarkable place. We recommend it to anyone visiting the Alps, Hotel Kürschner is definitely an exceptional spot on Austria’s hotel map. For more information please visit the following links. Don’t forget to share our article with your friends and family.

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