FIOR DI LOTO – Juan Dolio is located about 45km away from Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic and 30km away from the airport. The village is located directly on the main road, which connects you to other interesting places. The beach is only 50m walking distance away.

You can choose between a single, double or triple room. The hotel also offers an apartment for 4 people. Enjoy your private bathroom with hot water. Some of the rooms are with cooking facilities. The hotel also runs an independent electric generator and has a gym. You will find a terrace where you can sunbathe and a common area with drinking water, books, and cozy sittings. Fior di Loto also offers HA -THA YOGA and integral psychology classes.

Feel free to have breakfast at the hotel. Public and private transportation, banks, car, and motorcycle rentals are close by.

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