The New Cambium was founded in 2008 by Francois Harley. It is a 176-acre naturist village on the North Coast of the island, close to the sweet village of Río San Juan en Yagua.
You have the option to rent, buy or timeshare various houses. All houses include one or more bed- and bathrooms, and a fully equipped kitchen. You have access to a swimming pool and you can do your laundry at the property.
New Cambium is a fantastic place to relax, go hiking or read books. The surrounding nature is absolutely beautiful and tranquil. Feel free to take off your clothes to cool down from the high temperatures at any time.
Cambium has the ability to farm and produce bananas, cocoa, oranges, and mango. There is also a garden center where Cambium owners can purchase a wide range of plants indigenous to the Dominican Republic. Wifi is optionally available. Solar panels are used to produce energy, which is in our eyes a great plus.
22 homes have already been establishing. The construction of new properties continues to this day.
The motto of the village is Viva Libre! – Live Free!
We had a very peaceful stay and recommend you to check out the following websites for more information.

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