Kolibri hostel is surely your best choice if you are planning on a few days off in Pereira. Believe us or not, but we have tested a few other places in the city and the surroundings and this hostel beats it all. It is clean, cozy and comfortable. Everything you need to see is within the walking distance from Kolibri and the staff working there is extremely helpful and friendly.

The atmosphere of the Kolibri Hostel is very relaxing and welcoming. There are many people from all over the world hanging out in the hostel’s bar sharing experiences and travel tips. The bar offers not only beverages but also great food. There is a vast choice of foods available during breakfast time and in the evenings. The feature worth praising is a vegan and vegetarian option available on the menu- that’s not something very popular in Colombia. If you feel like cooking by yourself, there is the fully equipped kitchen waiting to assist in preparing your show off dishes.

The interiors in Kolibri are bright and inviting. You can chill out at the terrace overlooking the surrounding hills, grab a book from the common shelf or play some board games. Take a nap in one of many hammocks or, if you prefer active recreation, rent a bike and explore the city and the close nature.

If you prefer privacy, note that apart from shared dorms, Kolibri offers private rooms with your own bathroom and a little patio- better than many hotels for the lower price. Book it now, you won’t regret.

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