Suriname Swamp Tour

Across the Surinamese river, North of New Amsterdam there is the Commewijne District where life goes on slowly and no one minds the busy life of the nearby capital. There, together with his wife, lives Fritz. This Surinamese man with a very German name is a fisherman. On one hot day, we visited him in his wooden hut and set off for a SWAMP TOUR in Suriname. In a narrow wooden motorboat, we passed muddy corners which not many people had the chance to explore before us. We could observe nesting birds and enormous lizards spotted a caiman and escaped the notorious mosquitos. The tour ended where the ocean began. We took a walk on the beautiful sandy beach where hundreds of turtles are once in a year laying their eggs.

During the tour, you can not only experience the beauty of the swamp and the abandoned beach but also learn how to fish with a huge net! The grand final of the day was the lunch which obviously was the catch of the day.

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