Trampoline Arena

If you want to feel like a child again- a trampoline arena is a place you have to visit. Jumping on huge trampolines, falling into a sea of sponges and working your way through jungle parkour- now that’s the kind of fun we like!

We had the opportunity to visit two arenas- one in Landau, Germany, and the second one in Poznan, Poland. Both of them offered a variety of activities including slack lines, various trampolines, basketball courts, and huge pillows onto which you could jump from heights.

Surely, Ben couldn’t get enough of the basketball areas and spent most of the time dunking in various ways and shooting from really far.

Jump, Jump, Jump!

We’ve fought each other on a bar and tested our balancing abilities. Standing on a narrow bar high up above sponges our task was to push one another down using a special foam bat. Marta turned out to be really bad in it, nevertheless, we had a lot of fun and some good laughs.

Our jumping skills were nothing comparing to all the fearless children who were capable of performing the craziest flips without any hesitation. Both in Germany and in Poland, we’ve left the arena totally exhausted and at the same time filled with positive energy. Whether you have children or not- you should definitely check out a trampoline arena. It’s a great way to actively spend time and discover the child within yourself once again! Thus, for more information please check out the following four links:

Landau website:

On Facebook


Jump Arena Poznan

On Facebook

Man in a jumping arena holding on a bar at the ceiling
Let’s Do This!


Man in a jumping arena
It is as much fun as it looks like.
a man and a woman in Bace jump Landau
Bacejump Landau
Man throwing a basketball on a trampoline
Basketball is even more fun on a trampoline!
selfie of a man jumping on a trampoline
High in the sky!


man and woman with foam bats on a narrow walk
Let’s battle this out!
blond man and brunette woman in a foam sea
Call it a draw
Man sitting on a trampoline wearing Jump Arena socks
Jump Arena