Villa Naheva, or locally known as Hotel Estepe Plus, is located in the north of Esmeralda City, on kilometer 82 on the road to San Lorenzo. Las Peñas is a quiet little village on the beach. Transitioning from fishing to tourism improves the current infrastructure which makes this place yet a hidden treasure on the Ecuadorian coastline.

The villa is certainly a good spot to get away from everything around you. It is the last hotel on the street. The village offers bars and restaurants for the night out but equally, dining can be found directly here. The private beach access makes the romantic getaway perfect.

You will be surrounded by cows, water breeze and sand. If that is not enough, you should most certainly take a swim in the pool on the premises. For whatever you decide on with your holidays in Las Peñas, Villa Naheva has you covered.

Enjoy your private getaway. Just don’t forget your sunblock, the sun is shining here most of the days during the year.

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