Mercure Royal Amazonia

Hotel Mercure Royal Amazonia is surely the most luxurious point on Cayenne’s hotel map. Spacious and elegant, it is a perfect choice for those who love to indulge themselves in wellness facilities and fine dining.

Guests can enjoy the wide patio with a bar serving drinks and cocktails. Right next to it there is the outdoor swimming pool where visitors can relax after a long and hot day. For those lacking sports activities during the day, there is a well-equipped gym available at all times.

In the evening the restaurant offers not only seafood and meat dishes but also an outdoor sushi bar. We enjoyed all the seafood, the cherry sauce duck, and the mouthwatering saint James escallops.

The room was very cozy with a king-size bed and a spacious bathroom. There was a minibar and room service for everyone who didn’t feel like leaving.

The real highlight of staying in Mercure was the breakfast. Omelets, waffles, and crepes are prepared freshly in front of you. There is an exquisite choice of pastry and pieces of bread, many kinds of fruits, local cacao, fresh juices, and coffee.

We recommend this hotel to all those fond of a bit of luxury in their life and fans of fine dining. Royal Amazonia will surely meet the expectations of the peakiest guests and visitors.

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Mercure Royal Amazonia

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