Canoa South Beach Hotel is located on a massive coastline of the Pacific Ocean in Ecuador, Manabi. The standards are high tranquility is guaranteed. The little pleasant, laid-back fishing village is 5km north of the hotel and can be reached by a nice walk on the beach. In fact, you might want to swim there since it can get hot here during the day.

The friendly staff prepares meals for you on special request during the normal eating hours. The homely made dishes are rich in flavor with local specialties. Fish or seafood of some sort will most likely be part of your meal.

After you swim in the ocean, you might consider taking a nice shower and relax either in the hammock while staring over the porch or if it’s too hot for you, stay inside and turn on that air conditioner. Traveling for a while, you might even enjoy having a smart TV and stable internet where you can finally catch up with your friends and family.

The options are a private room or family compound with a mid-range price level a perfect option to get away from the rather busy town center of Canoa.

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