In the middle of the cloud forest, hidden from the main road, EL SEPTIMO PARAISO can be found. This little paradise for birdwatchers and outdoor-lovers redefines luxury hotels in the Mindo area. It surprises you with delicious food and great staff.

El Septimo’s family history begins in 1896 when a German family bought a big piece of land. But it wasn’t until 1998 until the luxury hotel idea arose in the grandson, a courageous move that fully paid off. Today, the El Septimo Country Inn & Cloud Forest Reserve extended to a reputable restaurant, swimming pools, a jacuzzi and many different styles of private room lodging.

This place is easily accessible but at the same time feels secluded from the rest of Mindo. It offers privacy and great feeling into the Ecuadorian Cloud Forest. The trail network surrounding the lodge offers roughly 3.5h of hiking altogether and can easily be all done in a day. Be warned, especially in the rainy season, trails might be grown in or hard to find. You should ask at the front desk prior to your expedition start for a map and for the quality of the trails. Apart from the wildlife to be expected for the region, some great views of Mindo and the forest can be seen on these trails.


Coming back from your hike, you can have a stop in the Xocolat (the chocolate factory on the property) for a hot chocolate. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the restaurant ‘The Cloud’ is to your order. They will surprise you with first-class meals with fresh juice. Coffee and tea are also served all day long.

For the evening activities, you have the choice between nature and entertainment once again. The billiard table, football, card table, fireplace, and satellite TV are available. At the same time, nighttime is when life starts in the gardens and the pond (at the Xocolat). It is like a frog concert out there with amazing sounds and smells. Additionally, a tour is offered called Safari Nights, and don’t worry, rubber boots and flashlights are provided during this excursion.

Lastly, you’d be surprised how stable the WiFi can be out here in the Cloud Forest. Luxury lodging in its finest is provided by El Septimo Country Inn in Mindo.