IVY HOSTEL – Medellin, as a very touristic city, is filled with hostels. Wherever you go, there is a really high chance you can find budget accommodation in sight. Just look around. Nevertheless, if you search for a quality place, with actual security and silence during the night hours, you need to try harder.

To make it easier for you, we want to share our experience of Ivy Hostel where a low room price doesn’t exclude a high standard of accommodation.

Even though the hostel is open for less than a year now, everything about it is very professional. The rooms are spotlessly clean, the beds are very comfortable and the kitchen is functional and well organized. Private rooms look way better than many hotel rooms and the common areas are inviting and cozy. The staff members, together with the owners, are kind, friendly, and helpful. We really enjoyed the relaxed and homey atmosphere.

There is a tasty breakfast served every day including eggs, toasts with jam, a good amount of fresh fruits, coffee, and juice. In the evening don’t miss the chance to relax in the Ivy bar, have a cold Colombian beer and hang out with other travelers.

Cozy spot!

When you don’t feel like going out, you can chill in the Netflix room, take a nap in a hammock, grab a book from a shelf, or play board games and cards. However, if you are planning the night out, you are within the walking distance from the best cafes, restaurants, and clubs in Medellin.

The extremely important advantage of Ivy Hostel, very much neglected by many others in the city, is the security. Staying in many locations all over Medellin, we have seen places without any control over the people entering and hanging out in hostels where literally anyone could walk in. This is an impossible scenario in Ivy Hostel. Here you can be sure that you and your staff are safe.

Long story short- The Ivy Hostel has everything you wish for when it comes to budget accommodation. The quality of the service and the standard of rooms are exceptional, so do yourself a favor and stay with them on your next trip to Medellin.


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