Hosteria D’Carlos and Aquapark has everything all in its name. It’s full fun for the entire family. Come anytime in the year and you will be surprised at the activities offered. For sure you will not get bored here.

Located behind the waterpark, Hosteria D’Carlos existed for 18 years before the adventure park was build in 2017. Its big points are big rooms with flatscreens and warm showers. Additionally, the internet is available in the Hotel area and the restaurant in the front.

Only a 5 minute walk away from your bed, blasting music and fun in the water awaits you. The park offers a variety of slides, fountains, and toys for the kids. This is not all, the water park extends further for a relaxing area with jacuzzi and a Turkish bath for the adults.

If the waterpark is not enough for you to get some alone time, why not take a little walk through coffee and chocolate plantations in the village. You can walk a beautiful loop trail and be back at the hotel within 2 hours. Just head out of the park to your right, take the first left in the village onto a gravel road. This exact road will eventually loop back to the same village so just keep walking straight and enjoy the views.

After your hike, you can enjoy good and substantial food from the restaurant in the front. The fish is freshly caught in the morning from the pond near the hotel area. Either way, come to relax or get out some extra energy, Hosteria & Aquapark D’Carlos is worth its time near Santo Domingo.

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