The first edition of the Condor festival on the 8th and 9th of May 2019 in Ecuador was a great success. It started at midnight and ended after 5 pm the next day. The lineup included DJ Undercover, Green Tunes, Rob bot, David Chrisor, Lau Penny, Liliana Larrea, Ramm, Kevin Aaron, and Last Trip. The festival started off with techno music but after 7 hours psytrance beats were taking over. Well-known DJs from Israel showed off their skills and did fully satisfy their audience.

The crowd was just beautiful. A lot of happy faces with big smiles were dancing all over the place. You could clearly feel the peace and positive energy the visitors brought with them.

The location at Hosteria Bella Aurora could not have been chosen any better.  The swimming pool and the fantastic view made the event unforgettable for everyone. For a little extra fee, you could use the massage service to relax your muscles after many hours on the dancefloor.

A huge bar close to the stage served everything you could wish for during the party. Also, food and useful items were sold on a stand right next to it. You could even rent one of the comfortable rooms at the hotel or go camping on the greens.

It was surely a lot of fun to be part of this great event and we can only wish for many more editions of the Condor festival to come.

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