Best Travel Destinations in South America

Have you been craving an exotic escape from your everyday life? A place where thrill and adventure collide. A place, where you can unwind and escape the everyday stress that life seems to overwhelm us with? Here are our best travel destinations in South America.

Craving a vacation, an escape, a renaissance with your family is perfectly natural. In fact, studies show that at least one vacation per year can help you cruise your way through obstacles throughout the year.

A tandem bicycle leaning on a huge white cross on a mountain in South America
Best Travel Destinations in South America

The only catch is, it’s one vacation a year, you know what I mean? It’s your one shot to have a dream holiday. One chance to make all the anticipation worth it and more. The good news is we plan to help you plan the best possible vacation that you can have.

The best part about it? You don’t even need to travel far. We are going to list of the most exotic, adventuristic, and wild side of things that South America has to offer.

Machu Picchu – The Inca Trails

The world is full of mystery. From the standing stones to the northern lights. Did you know that we have only discovered roughly 80% of what the ocean has to offer?

But, I am jumping the gun. When it comes to world wonders, Machu Picchu is no exception. Soaked in historical value from the times where Inca’s roamed free and wild. It’s enough to make you wonder at the marvel left behind in the form of ruins and glyphs.

Machu Picchu in Peru, South America
Machu Picchu , Photo by logan primm on

In the Quechua language, the name “Machu Picchu” can be translated as “Old Mountain”. Which describes the location perfectly. Situated between the two Andean peaks, at almost 2,430 meters above sea level, this age-old Inca fortress is truly something to behold.

Pro Tip: In order to visit these amazing runes, you do need to apply for permits to travel up to the site. There are only 2,500 permits available per day, which fly off the shelf during peak time, from May to September; so be sure to book early.

Buenos Aires

Architecture speaks the narrative of civilizations long gone. The design, temperament, and sleek are all something that should be classified as mindblowing, yet to often, it is overlooked and dismissed.

If this is how you feel about architecture yourself, you should certainly consider taking some time to backpack through one of the most famous architectural wonders that South America has to offer, Buenos Aires.

In fact, this city is so breathtaking, that is is often titled as “The Paris Of South America”. Of course, there are also some key tourist attractions that you absolutely need to go to if you happen to find yourself here. Including the famous Museum Of Latin America Art Of Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires in Argentina, South America
Buenos Aires, Photo by Rafael Guimaru00e3es on

Oh yeah! Also, if you do find yourself traveling to Buenos Aires, you definitely want to make sure you visit one of the most amazing bookstores in the world, El Ateneo Grand Splendid. You will be shocked to know that originally, it was actually a theatre, it’s huge!

Easter Island – Just Without The Chocolate Eggs

We have seen them on the telly, in adverts, and even in 9 gag memes, but there is nothing quite as captivating as visiting Easter Island and seeing the famed Moai statues in person.

Easter Island, South America
Easter Island, Photo by Andrea Vera Sasso on

These giant statue heads are literally EVERYWHERE on the island. Some even scaling up to 10 meters tall. To this day, we are still unsure about the why or the when behind the Moai statues. Scientists can only guess that they served for some religious purpose, or perhaps it was something completely different, we will never know.

Of course, that is not all that Easter Island has to offer! Besides fine-diving and relaxing days on a paradise beach, you can also enjoy horseback riding, scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, and some local cuisine that is to die for.

Panama Island – Vibrancy Is Intense!

When it comes to bringing back local vibrant culture, while still keeping modernization at it’s finest, Panama really knows how to take things to the next level.

Famed for its lush wildlife, pristine beaches, amazing resorts, and friendly locals this is one of those places that just stream “the perfect vacation” all Summer long. The crazy thing about visiting Panama is that it will be unlike any other paradise island scene you have been to.

Home to over 218 different mammals, and 940 different avian species you will have one in a lifetime chances for close up encounters, and crazy experiences.

If you do happen to travel to Panama, you should go out of your way to visit the San Blas Islands. This archipelago consists of around 370+ islands. Of which only 48 are actually inhabited. Making it almost untouched by tourism, leaving you mindblown at what unaffected nature has to offer us.


Have you ever heard of the age-old saying, “Get off the beaten road”? When you think about it, Ecuador is one of those places in South America that gets almost no attention when it comes to tourism, which makes almost no sense to me.

Located on the West Coast, Ecuador has some of the most extraordinary wildlife that can be found on the planet. Not to mention it’s beautiful landscapes and serene islands. Not many people realize that the famous Charles Darwin actually started his theory of evolution while roaming around the Galapagos Islands.

A male bicycle rider on a tandem bicycle pointing the finger backwards at the camera in Ecuador

One of my favorite things about Ecuador is how they have preserved the past through modernization. The capital, Quito is actually the second-highest capital in the world and is still jam-packed with 16th-century buildings and a great nightlife.

Why would you want to travel here?

Besides the wildlife, this is the perfect vacation for couples or even families that are looking to unplug from the stresses of everyday life, and get away from technology and submerse themselves in everything that nature has to offer.

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