The Kashama Eco Resort & Spa is a place to relax and forget the busy life. With its unique architectural design, it offers tranquillity, luxury, and comfort at the same time.

In this Ecolodge, you will be surprised to see a waterfall pretty much from any room and you won’t miss the natural aspect in the rest of the architecture. The design perfectly blends in with nature and lets you think of one entity between nature and modern luxury. The rooms come in different sizes from the presidential suite to suite to bungalows for your entire family.

In close proximity to Kashama, you will find hiking trails and other unpaved roads to walk and experience the subtropical forests and agricultural area. Once you are here, you should definitely try some fresh pineapple or papaya that grow everywhere around you.

The restaurant impresses with a view on the waterfall as well as thoughtfully designed plates that not only please your taste buds but also your eyes. If you need a break from your traditional Ecuadorian food, you are at the right location. The chef is not too good to come out and bring his prepared meals personally and won’t keep the secrets of his perfections to himself.

Kashama Eco Resort & Spa is the perfect place to relax and come to forget about your worries. Let you and your loved one be surprised by a romantic atmosphere. Nature and water are all around you, almost as close as you could touch it from your bathroom.


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