Kayaking in Trinidad

Go Kayaking in Trinidad! Only about 20 km away from the bustling capital of Trinidad and Tobago you can find the 12 000 acres large Caroni swamp. This magical mangrove wetland which contains freshwater and saltwater is filled with various species of birds and plenty of other wildlife. Among them is the national bird of the country, the Scarlet Ibis as well as the flamingo and over 100 other bird species. It is wonderful to discover your surroundings actively on the water without making a sound.

Your guide will explain to you in detail about the history and wildlife of the swamp you are in. Be certain to lose your breath from time to time while exploring your environment. If you like you can finish your adventure with a refreshing dive into the swamp. One huge advantage of the location of the swamp is that you will encounter no mosquitos nearly all around the world which is a great plus for a well being experience. This kayak tour is certainly a highlight of the attractions which the island offers. For more information, we highly recommend everyone to check out the following links for more information.

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