Armenia is a vivid, beautifully located city in Colombia, right in the middle of the coffee triangle. We had an opportunity to spend there two days and what made our stay definitely pleasurable was Wanderlust Hostel which hosted us during that time.

Now, this might be a hostel but the quality of the service there is the same or even better than in many hotels in Colombia. This place is modern, clean and comfortable with super friendly, kind and helpful staff and everything working like in a Swiss watch (perfectly!).

The hostel has a fully equipped, pretty kitchen, a big common area with comfortable couches and books to read as well as two terraces- one huge and quiet with chairs and tables if you feel like having a meal outside or hang out sipping a bear with friends at the evening. The second one, located on the first floor overlooks the busy street- a perfect spot to enjoy your morning coffee.

Talking about coffee! Wanderlust is not only a hostel but also a divine cafe! Both places are connected together but function separately so you don’t have to be the hostel guest to enjoy your cappuccino and a piece of a mouthwatering, delicious cake. All the products sold there come from local farmers and coffee cultivators so you can be sure that you pay for the best quality. Their chocolate cake is simply divine and we couldn’t get enough of their coffee- simply amazing.


There are many activities offered by the Wanderlust, they make it very easy for the guest to spend an interesting time during their stay in Armenia. You can go for a guided free walking tour or visit one of the coffee plantations and learn about the cultivation and brewing. There are bike tours, hike tours and all sorts of things to do- just go and ask the nice guys at the reception.

For our meals we just popped into the restaurant located in the same building- they serve great pizza in the evening and homemade, traditional Colombian lunches- delicious!

All in all, we had a wonderful time and we highly recommend the Wanderlust to everyone visiting Armenia. Book a room and have fun!

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