MTC resort is a very new place, established in 2017 forty kilometers south of Paramaribo. It is known for their shooting area where all those interested in guns and perfecting their technique are welcome to practice on various objects.

Around the resort, you can find a motor cross track- another attraction for those who like a bit of adrenaline and action. If you are a biker and seek some serious obstacles to face in the beautiful surrounding of nature, MTC resort is a place for you.

It the resort they are definitely focused on action, sport, and physical activities. The long swimming pool attracts those who prefer to train in the water and basketball and volleyball playground are waiting for guests who like a good game.
Many security companies visit the resort in order to train in a specially prepared for that reason military training track.
After a busy day, all visitors can enjoy a beer or a soft drink at the patio and have dinner prepared at the resort’s restaurant. No better place if you want to stay fit during your holidays and bring to it some action.

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