Polylepis Lodge is one of the most incredible places we had a chance to stay in. Located high in the mountains, unbelievable 3581 meters over sea level, this place literally took our breath away.

The climb up the mountain wasn’t easy but that’s the price you pay for finding hidden gems. Exhausted, cold and completely wet we have arrived in Polylepis to spend there one of the most relaxing days on this entire trip.

Our lodge was simply beautiful. Not only it had a huge jacuzzi but also instead of the wall there was a window overlooking the old forest and a creek.

We were warmly welcomed by the staff with a simply delicious lunch served in the most unique restaurant where, through the glass floor, you could see the creek. There was also an outstanding view over a waterfall and the whole room was heated up with fireplaces which made it incredibly cozy and inviting.


Most of the afternoon we have spent in a common room filled with comfy couches and pillows. There were a bar and a huge fireplace where we could warm up. It was a rainy day so the weather was perfect for snuggling indoors and sipping tea.

In the evening, right before dinner, we used the SPA area with hot and cold pools, the steam bath and a sauna. During that time we could observe through the window two hairy lamas eating grass right in front of us.

After a tasty, homemade dinner and a lovely cake, we went to bed and slept like babies under the heated (!) blanket.

We could not wish for a more perfect stay. From the bottom of our hearts, we recommend this place to all those seeking a quality stay in an authentic Ecuadorian style!


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