El Mirador Del Crater / Ecuador

El Mirador del Crater is a place not only to please your eyes but also your taste buds. The Tandem Ramble had the unique opportunity to try out their menu and enjoy the stunning views.

If you around La Mitad del Mundo or heading to Pululahua Reserve, El Crater should definitely be on your list to visit, though we would recommend you to do the hike first. The comfortable dining room area is hard to leave once you sat down.

Strategically built on the edge of the crater of the volcano Pululahua, for its architectural design, the restaurant permits visibility of 360 degrees. The construction of the restaurant was made handcrafted, using construction material from the adjacent area. The combination of the stone, the pumice stone, and the wood are creating a remarkably warm space the respects its environment while adding it an aesthetic touch.


has 4 sections, each with a different view and atmosphere. The changing weather transforms the landscape continuously, contributing to the unique dining ambiance of the restaurant.

The first-class menu with fine compliments is the strong point of this restaurant as every little part is thought out into a detail never imagine before. El Crater lets you re-experience Ecuadorian food on a different level. You might think ‘a soup is just a soup’ but after you visit you will be convinced otherwise. This all is accompanied by a versatile wine menu, making a perfect spot for your fine dining experience.

Choosing as starters are several ceviches, European-style salade variations, or a soup. The entrees include different pasta, meat, chicken, or fish options. The deserts are well thought of ranging from mousse de chocolate to a brownie which is all far beyond your standard fruit salad. Too many choices, well maybe you just want to go with a menu del dia.

If you are looking for re-invented Ecuadorian cuisine with a breath-taking view, El Crater is all you need to visit.

website: elcrater.com

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