Bergendal is a paradise resort some 80 km South from Paramaribo. Located at the bank of the Suriname river and far from the noises of traffic, it is the most luxurious place we have stayed in Suriname. Guests visiting the resort are accommodated in wooden lodges. Some of them are overlooking the water and others, erected on long pillars are located in the jungle, high between three crowns. The interiors are simply beautiful and create an idyllic atmosphere. How amazing it was to get up at dusk and have a cup of fresh coffee (there is a coffee machine in every lodge) observing the sunrise above the jungle.


Staying in Bergendal you can’t miss seeing wild animals like monkeys, agoutis, squirrels, eagles and even a caiman living right next to the hotel’s bar at the river! For all the fans of sports activities, there is a special center where you can zip line across the river and through the jungle, go for a kayak adventure or take a guided walking tour through the forest. For those who like a bit of luxury during their holidays, Bergendal offers a relaxing time by the swimming pool with the most incredible view.

When the sun comes down you can enjoy daily evening activities organized by the management like a movie night or occasional lectures. During our stay, ladies from one of the Maroon tribes presented their traditional outfits and talked about their customs and culture. The food, at breakfast as well as all evening meals, was very delicious. Visitors are offered two options, a la carte menu and the buffet with several different dishes and desserts. We couldn’t wish for a better stay, it was fun, relaxing and beautiful. We left regenerated and well-rested with great memories and stories to tell.

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