Manta has many hotels to offer to serve all tourists but finding the right kind of medium price range budget deal might be harder. HOTEL MANTA REAL definitely offers a fair price to its clients.

The hotel has double, matrimonial style and family suites to choose from. WiFi is a good and stable signal all throughout the premises. Clean rooms, TVs and Air Conditioning make your stay very comfortable. Restaurants are just a 5-minute walk away and breakfast is served in the café next door. Surprisingly, they serve real coffee made with an Italian espresso machine. We certainly enjoyed the first real coffee for a very long time.

Manta’s Malécon is famous for good reasons. The well developed and nicely maintained waterfront is a short 20min walk away from Hotel Manta Real. The walk is safe and even at doable for the night owls. The area is nice and clean around Hotel Manta Real.

The family vibe in Manta Real gives you a warm welcome during your stay. The Columbian-Ecuadorian owners will be glad to help you out anytime during your stay. Unfortunately, there are still signs of the earthquake in 2016. The owners are still mentally and financially recovering from the damage that they had witnessed in their hotel in a nearby beach town. Ever since they moved to the current location things have changed for them. They had to start from 0 which certainly left its marks on everyone involved.

Hotel Manta Real is the perfect place for medium-range travelers looking for a safe and clean in Manta, Ecuador.

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