The Tambopaxi Lodge is the only eco-tourism complex within the Cotopaxi National Park at 3,720m above sea level. The area is a really magical place, surrounded by volcanoes. You find a great variety of flora and fauna as well as a night sky filled with countless stars.

The hotel was built in 2000 with the purpose of being a meeting place for climbers and mountaineers, a refuge where they can acclimatize and rest. Tambopaxi style is rustic, equally from the interior and exterior. To give the buildings greater resistance, the walls were made of bales of hay lined with bahareque and the lying is covered with Chasqui (pumice stone) to isolate the sound.

Large windows both on the ground floor and on the top floor are there to enjoy the view of the Cotopaxi and surroundings at any time of the day. You can also choose to camp.

The following certificates were obtained: Smart Voyager, Seal Q, environmental license, Tourcert among others.


Choose between VIP rooms, dorm or normal rooms, all with its own bathroom, hot water, large and comfortable beds, stoves and spectacular windows with unique views.

The main cabin includes 32 beds distributed in four rooms, all with shared bathrooms. 

Tambopaxi, is a comfortable, cozy and safe place, ready to receive from climbers from around, who come to enjoy everything that the area can offer.

The restaurant service is for 18 hours and includes national and international dishes or even lunch boxes

Other services include

– Telephone communication to anywhere in the world
– free Wifi
– Transfers to Tambopaxi and from Tambopaxi to anywhere in the country
– Camping area with bathrooms and hot showers
– Free maps
– Organization of special events and logistics
– special dietary wishes
– Disabled Access
– Accommodation for 70 people
– Restaurant for 90 people
– Laundry service
– parking

The views around the area are very worth it to pass by.

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