SANCTUARY PUERTO CAYO LODGE – Since ancient times, Puerto Cayo was populated and even pre-historic cultures living in the area, making it a unique place along the coast. The town was established in 1911 and is now thriving more than ever since. Sanctuary Puerto Cayo Lodge does not only provide excellent service but also sustainability for the area.

The sustainability efforts started with the program in the community about the importance of recycling. In this program, they addressed the importance to children from public school Vicente Rocafuerte of Puerto La Boca. The program is divided into two phases which start with teaching the children awareness for their environment and their actions. The second phase of this program of the lodge consisted of teaching the parents of the school.

Sanctuary Puerto Cayo Lodge is a place of action where Eco and sustainable traveling is still taken seriously. Additionally, they do not fail to provide the first-class service with breakfast, lunch and dinner offered it gives a perfect place to relax and feel good. A beautiful pool with ocean view and hammock areas will certainly help you forget about everything else that was going on before in your life.

Taking sustainable tourism serious is important to us and that is also why we can highly recommend you to check out Puerto Cayo and together with it the this establishment.

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