Enigma Live Escape Mannheim

Our second chance to visit an Escape Room was in Germany. We went to the Enigma Live Escape Mannheim to solve two riddles in Enigma Live-Escape. They offer a vast variety of different Escape Rooms which is frankly great because everyone can find there something for themselves.

The first challenge we have chosen to solve was called The Room. Entering the game you have the feeling that you found yourself in a regular living room in an ordinary apartment. This Escape Room has no plot but riddles turned out to be way more complicated than during other games. We had to use the help of a game master who was watching us through hidden cameras and call him at times we got stuck. The game was very, very absorbing and we finished totally drained and exhausted.

The second game we have chosen was The Prison. Now here things get a bit more difficult. One of the players is being locked in the little prison in the sheriff’s office. Meanwhile, the second person tries to solve riddles outside the jail in order to find a key. Both players find hints hidden in their respectful rooms which are visible only for them. This room is all about communication and cooperation. A super fun room with a very nice, sophisticated enigmas and great design!

website: enigma-liveescape.de

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