The Unay Muchiku hostel is located in the North of Ecuador, 6 km away from the bustle and hustle of the city of Otavalo. The tranquil town of San Juan de Ilumán is a fantastic location to have a rest and find peace.

Belen, the owner of this clean and neat hostel belongs to the Picuasi tribe. She and her family run a unique wool hat manufacturing business, which is a must-see during your visit to Ecuador.

This hostel is the perfect starting point for your hiking trips, to the beautiful surrounding mountains and towns. You can visit South America’s largest outdoor market in Otavalo, hang out in Ilumán or just enjoy the beautiful company of Belen and her family.

If you need any information about your journey, Belen will be more than glad to help you with whatever she can.


It is very a great experience to have a look into the tribal life of the Picuasi, who have their own language, traditions, clothing, and food.

I am sure you will be overwhelmed by the delicious cuisine of your host, which is surely one of the reasons to return. The breakfast is included in your stay. Lunch and dinner are also offered in the hostel restaurant.

Unay Muchiku is a fantastic place for groups, families or individual travelers to stay for many days and enjoy the tranquillity of the surroundings.

We recommend this place for many reasons. Belen will make you part of her family during your stay and give you a real inside view of the Ecuadorian lifestyle. The price of this hostel is unbeatable, the service excellent and the views into the valley and mountains are great too. I really enjoyed my stay and I am sure you will love this place too.