Hosteria Mar de Plata, or in English silver ocean, is a wonderful little treasure in the North of Esmeraldas. What is nice about the North of Esmeraldas is the tranquillity, the less touristy area is definitely worth a detour.

Small little hills and a coastline that still has its rural touch are the two main facts that could be said about the surroundings. If you come down from Colombia or just for a short visit to the beach from Quito, don’t miss out to take this route. Hosteria Mar de Plata can offer waterfront access with a swimming pool. Depending on the time of the year, the ocean actually becomes so warm that it is actually becoming almost necessary to jump in the pool.

Different room varieties are available and a flat-screen TV is provided. This all topped with an air conditioner and nets on the windows makes your stay enjoyable during the day and as well as the night time.

Food might be provided upon request or you can drive to the nearby villages to feed your hunger. In any case, you will most certainly find everything you need while you can disconnect and enjoy the warm weather all year around.

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