HOTEL CEIBO REAL – Portoviejo, the thriving city of Manabi, is located 30 kilometers off the coast and is also the capital of the province. Many beaches are nearby but the city itself might be somewhat understated. Hotel Ceibo Real is located in the north of the city works very hard to change this.

Ceibo Real lets you experience the luxury during your stay. With flat screens, air conditioning and luxurious design Hotel Ceibo Real well deserves its 4 stars. The restaurant surprises you with a breakfast buffet and menu-a-la-carte for lunch and dinner. The ambient is classy and stylish with nice and welcoming staff helping you.


Portoviejo itself is a modern city with a surprisingly neat atmosphere. Central Park Vicente Amador Flor, Parque Eloy Alfaro, and Mamey Ecological Park just to name a few of the many wells maintained parks in the city. After having traveled through Ecuador for 2 months from Quito to the coast and downwards south, we can easily say that this Portoviejo was a unique place to experience.

Portoviejo and Hotel Ceibo Real & Restaurant are definitely worth the trip off the coast. The ocean isn’t far and Crucita Beach can be reached easily by bus for your refreshment.

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