SEASIDE GARDEN LODGE – Mompiche is the hammock paradise just south of Esmeraldas. In this quiet little village, you will find many backpackers, tourists, and surfers seeking uncrowded beaches. The village has a hippy-like feeling to it. Along the coast and a 2 km walk or taxi ride, Seaside Garden Lodge can be found with an amazing waterfront view.

Seaside Garden Lodge is located along the shoreline and can only be reached on low-tide by car. Even though, walking might be possible during the high-tide it might be tricky with your backpacks as you will have to climb over some rocks to stay dry. If you don’t mind the wet feet, you’ll be able to access it even then, there is a bridge keeping you safe and sound on the deepest part closest to the village.

Mompiche has a distinctly jungle-like feel, with big leafy trees intermingling with palms and brightly colored tropical flowers. In fact, it is located within the biologically diverse Chocó tropical forest, which extends along the coast from Panama to Peru. There are several hiking options around, following the coastline towards the village and continuing along the shoreline will guide you directly to a cemetery with a panoramic view over the bay. If that is not enough, walk back and head to the main road towards Isla de potete (Potete Island). There are boats that will bring you across for 50cents during high tide.

Seaside Garden lodge ensures a safe and relaxing stay with its close proximity to the village but yet exclusive area apart from the rest of the tourists.

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