Rio Muchacho Organic Farm and Eco-Lodge is the right spot to look at a different type of tourism in Ecuador. This is the place where Eco-Tourism still means something to the owners and travel responsibly still is taken by its exact meaning. Simple, educative and fun-filled can and will be your stay at Rio Muchacho Organic Farm.

Rio Muchacho has gone through the most devastating life experiences after the earthquake. The 16th of April 2016 is a date that none here will ever forget. The farm lost 80% of it’s blooming shine and after 3 months living in the tent, Nicola and her husband Dario decided to stand strong to rebuild the farm. Visiting now, you might not even notice that this is the story of their lives.


The Organic-Farm is the recognized agro-ecotourism project by the Ministry of Tourism and was named as one of the National Geographic Travel’s 8 favorite places to stay in Ecuador. You can take a self-guided tour across the property which will teach you everything from different composting to seed growing. The perfect place for families and other travels to remind them where our food on the table comes from.

The restaurant serves food to set times because the workers and volunteers come together to share meals. The food is mainly vegetarian sometimes accompanied by fish and many of the volunteers will long after talking about the rich flavors and fresh taste. You can definitely feel the special connection between the soil, the plant and the prepared dish in front of you.

No matter where you are from or how old you are, Rio Muchacho Organic Farm and Eco-Lodge has an activity prepared for you to assure a fun, interesting and interactive stay. From horse riding to hiking or agricultural courses it can all be fit into your schedule if you wish to. If not, just enjoy nature and take a hike independently.

Take your time and go off the coast and discover the unique experience offered by Rio Muchacho which is rarely found elsewhere.

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