Believe it or not, Backpackers Inn was the first hostel we stayed in together. We didn’t know what to expect as the last time each of us spent a night in a hostel, was MANY years ago. Aren’t we too old and too tired to stay there?

It turned out that all our worries were pointless. Backpackers Inn is a calm, clean and bright space where all travelers can relax and rest during their respective journeys. There is a patio to chill out in the sun and take a nap in a hammock. The little bar provides cold drinks and beer and there is a barbecue area to prepare delicious dinners. All the guests can enjoy a table tennis game in they feel like it, grab a book or use the PlayStation.

The kitchen is fully equipped and serves fresh coffee all day long. There are a free laundry service and an option of ordering a breakfast prepared by lovely staff members who welcome all travelers as if they would host them in their own home.

All in all, we had a lovely time at the Backpackers Inn and can honestly recommend it to everyone visiting Medellin.

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