FINCA CAFE BERNAL is a very special place. Not only because of their absolutely delicious coffee but also because of the passion with which they cultivate it and prepare it to achieve the finest quality of their product.

The family Bernal hosted us for two wonderful days during which we were able to see and learn about the production of coffee from the fruit to the cup. We have learned about the harvest, the drying process, and saw with our own eyes how the coffee is beating toasted.

Later on, we participated in a very interesting and informative presentation about brewing coffee in different ways. We were explained about the proper brewing temperature and how to achieve a certain flavor with a certain kind of preparation.

During our stay, we spent nights in a lovely cozy room with a very comfortable bed and a private bathroom. We enjoyed very much having our meals at the terrace overlooking the green hills and coffee plantations.

We’ve learned a lot at Cafe Bernal and met some wonderful, kind, and passionate people. If like us you love a delicious cup of coffee every morning, this is the best place to visit. Learn, taste, and relax in the most beautiful place in Colombia.

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