Wakeboarding in Trinidad

Wakeboarding (originally called skurfing) is a sport of the late 1970s. It is a great leisure activity which you can do in most oceans, lakes or seas. It will certainly take you some time to learn how to stand and really enjoy the ride. When you do figure out how to properly stand up and feel safe, it is time to get creative. Jumps turn, and flips are among many other things you can learn. Wakeboarding in Trinidad.

You and the board you are attached to will be dragged by a motorboat or jetski or in some rare cases a winch (in aqua parks etc). I really enjoyed finally get the grip and was really proud that I managed to stand up after only a short learning process. My first time was pretty exhausting as a combination of physical strengths and absolute concentration was needed. The gulf of Praia in Trinidad is a perfect location for your first time on the board as the water is mostly calm so you can fully focus on your technique rather than your anxiety.

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