The Hacienda La Estela located in the Cotopaxi province, about 9 km away from Sigchos.

The hotel offers single, double and matrimonial rooms with toiletries and private bathrooms. You can also choose a dorm for 3 people with a shared bathroom. The Hacienda offers delicious breakfasts, lunch, and dinner. Also, beverages can be purchased.

Free parking and Wifi provided to all guests. The staff is absolutely wonderful and will make sure you feel at home. You can go hiking around, which we absolutely recommend. The temperature is pleasant all year round. You can walk into the valley towards the Quilotoa volcano where you won’t find many people. You also can walk around the villages towards Sigchos. The area is great for bicycle riding too. Quilotoa can be visited by car in 2 hours.

Later on, you should definitely relax in the provided hammocks or other sittings and enjoy the stunning views. The Hacienda is still an insider tip, which we highly recommend.

Location of Hacienda La Estela

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