Gustav Magenwirth GmbH & Co. KG, known as Magura, is a German company based in Bad Urach established in 1893 that produces and distributes engineered cycling products and services including cycle suspensions and brakes, sunglasses, helmets, packs, bags, and clothing.


As a Swabian traditional company, they are one of the largest manufacturers of hydraulic brake systems in Germany. They are known worldwide for their expertise in bicycle components.


Since 1957 this company has engaged themself with heart and passion for high-technological and plastic-fair application solutions. Their passion for plastics engineering and technical plastics has a clear goal: The best solution for customers.


As the term indicates, “hand-operated machines” have to be guided. Therefore, the interface between man and machine is of utmost importance. Here, MAGURA combines technical competence with secure haptic sensation, ergonomics, and product design.


The company has always been committed to continuously improving things that are already good. One result of this approach is the current #customizeyourbrake philosophy, thanks to which MAGURA disc brakes can be perfectly customized to match individual riding styles – from urban to Cross-Country and Downhill Mountainbiking. Get to know how the brakes are made.

What do the bikes of the future look like? Following the presentation of the first brake fully integrated into a handlebar, MAGURA now presents an optimized concept bike – with no external cables and tubings.

The spring of 2019 saw MAGURA introduce the world’s first hydraulic brake fully integrated into a flat bar. With no external tubings, the MAGURA Cockpit Integration (MCI) gives riders a tidy design, better aerodynamics, and greater protection for the hydraulic components. The second step is now a concept bike, which is almost ready for serial production – and it almost completely dispenses with external tubings and cables.

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