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We had a lot of fun in Central Hotel! Huge, with many facilities and attractions, this hotel was a great place to have some fun and take a break from our daily cycling life.

Located in Vitez, like the name itself suggests- in the center of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Central Hotel is a popular choice for businessmen. It doesn’t mean though that those who stay there for other reasons, will not have fun!

We had a chance to spend there two nights and really couldn’t decide where to go first! After a tour around the hotel, we got lost in a few conference rooms. We hand out on the terrace on the last floor connected to a huge restaurant where we had a great breakfast with an even better view.

There was no doubt that we have to check out the gym, so we have spent there a lot of our time. Later we jumped into the swimming pool with whirlpool and a huge window in the room outlooking the mountains. It was raining during our stay, so you can imagine how cozy and warm we felt enjoying the hot water and observing the storm outside.

We also met the manager of the place who, like all the staff was a very nice, smiley, and relaxed person. All the people working there treated us like friends and were very helpful and polite.

The hotel offers a range of SPA services such as massages and beauty treatments. All guests are welcome to use the sauna as well as the Turkish bath and relax in a specially prepared space with comfortable beds, calm music, and herbal drinks.


Visitors of Central Hotel have two choices when it comes to dining. Everyone can have a great meal in the restaurant on the last floor (they serve great fried ice cream!) or choose a faster option and have a delicious pizza straight from the oven in the hotel’s pizzeria.

We had a lot of fun during our visit to Central Hotel and we highly recommend it to everyone visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina!


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