LAKE VIEW HOSTEL – Everyone visiting Colombia should definitely see Guatapè. This part of the country, with breathtaking views, wonderful and the absolutely unique lake and ‘the most colorful town in Colombia’ left us speechless the moment we saw it. Our stay there was undeniably great and the Lake View Hostel plaid a major role during those two unforgettable days.

Without hesitation, we can say that this hostel is probably your best option if you visit Guatapè. Not only because of the super relaxed atmosphere- it seems like even the most hardcore travelers are here on a holiday break from their wildest adventures; but also because staying here you can enjoy all the activities one might think of. You only need to ask.

The Lake View hostel together with Colombia Getaway offers hiking, biking, and boat trips. You can visit old Pablo Escobar’s mansion, see beautiful waterfalls and cycle to the most wonderful spots in the area. They organize a walking tour around the town and, for those who want to go further, rent scooters and motorcycles. We went for our favorite, apart from cycling, activity- kayaking. Pedaling through the lake for six hours was such a relaxing and mind-clearing experience! The peace and quiet of nature are what we enjoy the most.

Apart from all the fun stuff, the Lake View Hostel offers what every other hostel does- just in a significantly upgraded version. There are private rooms if you seek peace and quietness with huge windows and private balconies overlooking the lake. Forget about the scrambled eggs you had for breakfast in literally every other hostel- the Lake View’s breakfast burrito will blow your mind!


The biggest WOW though was their Thai restaurant. Now that’s something that doesn’t happen often. On the last floor of the hostel, apart from the bar (where you get happy during the happy hour), there is a place where they feed as well as every grandma in Thailand. Having the delicious Pad Thai and finishing with mouthwatering fried bananas, we couldn’t remember when was the last time we ate something that good. The portions were huge- we barely made it to bed after the feast.

Wake up to the actual lake view, have your morning coffee on the terrace and enjoy the company of fellow travelers. If you plan on visiting Guatape, do yourself a favor and stay in the Lake View Hostel. Book now and thank us later!

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