Finca La Aurora is a divine place. I mean, the peace we found there was so immense, it was extremely difficult to leave. We’ve met the owner- a wonderful person, full of kindness and friendliness and that already was an incredible gift to be thankful for. Together we have spent two amazing days in peace and quietness, surrounded by nature, hugging the dogs, drinking coffee and eating delicious pies.

Finca Aurora is located in Boquia, about five kilometers from the famous Salento and in the heart of Quindio famous for its coffee production. Aurora also is a coffee Finca which means that they have their own coffee trees and produce this delicious and life-giving beverage.

During our stay we had a chance to learn how to cultivate coffee, what are the different kinds of it, how to pick it, dry it and roast it manually. We followed all the processes from the tree to the cup and it was an incredible lesson.

We strolled around the wonderful surroundings exploring Aurora’s vast garden filled with fruits and vegetables which we, later on, found on the table in the form of absolutely delicious food.

Forget about other places in the area, La Aurora is where you should stay. There is undeniable magic in this place. Discover it on your own.