Everyone should at least once try golf. This sport, considered by many to be reserved only for the rich and wealthy, is really worth to give chance. If not for the love of sports, you should definitely do it for the sake of experiencing what it is all about.

On the very last warm days of the year 2017, we had a chance to get to know why there is such a big fuzz about this activity. We were explained various ways of approaching the hole in different circumstances. We know now which bat should be used for different kinds of surface and are familiar with the rules of the game.

Even though a lot of grass was moved, or rather knocked out with our bats, after several attempts we understood more or less how to hit the ball. We can’t say that we know all the intricacies of golf, but surely we are familiar with the basics of pitching, chipping and shooting. We both managed to perform a few decent shots (or at least were told so by our encouraging instructor). The entire experience was super positive and we enjoyed every moment of it. Even though our balls ended up in ditches sometimes, we had a lot of fun. We encourage everyone to literally give it a shot, it’s totally worth it. Who knows, maybe you will find a new, unexpected passion! Golf courts are beautiful places to spend time outdoors no matter in what country. Let your hips swing a bit. It was a great visit to the golf court in Essingen and we hope to be back for some more very soon.

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