This colorful game is surely great entertainment and at the same time a great exercise for your mind and body.

_DSC0471The are many different locations and variations of this game but in basically all of them are two or more teams who are trying to hit their opponents with aircraft powered guns which have colorful munition to mark the hit individual who is then out of the game.


One of the variations is catching the flag which means that either team tries to catch one and the same flag. Another variation exists in which there are two flags, in either team territory. The other team has to invade and crap the opponent’s flag.


Other games types are elimination, defending or attacking a particular point or area, or capturing objects of interest hidden in the playing area. The is no actual physical contact between players but make sure to wear safety equipment to protect your body and especially your face.


To do Paintball in Santa Rosa was a little crazy. The outdoor field on the way to the natural sources is not the biggest but guarantees a quick and lively game for the two teams on the battlegrounds.



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