Medellin – Colombia’s party spot N.1. Read all about the local party scene.

Full-time traveling is a wonderful experience and the best school in the world. But there are many things that we long for and dream of every day. We talked about it in more detail in this article.

One of the things we sometimes miss is certainly a crazy night out, with music we like and a great crowd to dance with till dawn. We miss partying to really good Dj sets of world-class artists, which are so easily available in Europe but, sadly, not so much in South America.

We caught the first opportunity to have some fun and finally hit the dance floor as soon as we got the chance. Medellin was a place we hoped to get to some good beats into our eardrums and surely we were not let down.

The city without any doubt is the party capital of Colombia. It doesn’t really matter if it is the weekend or not, you can find good music on any day.

As we had specific wishes, we started to search for clubs and events with electronic music.

The first gig we went to was the Keep ON … and ON! Warehouse Party which was a 2 days festival with local DJs such a Pablo Cahn as well as international DJs. We had a fantastic time and enjoyed ourselves a lot.

After that, we got to visit the popular Salon Amador, which invites great DJs from all over the world and is famous for hosting some of the most exciting events in Medellin.

The next days were not any less exciting than the first one. We tried to squeeze in as much as possible in our calendar not knowing when will be the next chance to go wild again.

And there it was, a good techno party with local artists as well as the star of the evening- Stacey Pullen who brought some Detroit Techno into town. We wouldn’t miss it for the world. The event was hosted by the Mute club and turned out to be very entertaining, to say the least. Not only we had the chance to rave all night long but also discovered a completely new, yet decent in Colombia DJ.

Tony Guerra, who is from our beloved Venezuela, moved the crowd for 3 hours and restored our hope in the South American electronic music scene. Follow him and his upcoming projects!

The third and the last party we attended in Medellin took place in club 1984. It is situated on the last floor of a building right in the city center. Space is limited but nearly all parts are open-air, with a big terrace and great atmosphere. This location suited us the most, maybe because of its similarity to clubs in Europe which we like so much.

The night was all about European DJs too. First, a Dj from Greece played some hard techno sounds. The stars of the night were, however, a DJ trio from Germany, Fjaak. They made all visitors move instantly and didn’t let the groove stop for hours.

Browsing the Internet in search of good music or clubs in Medellin we found out that everyone can find something suitable. This city is bustling with different beats and brings together thousands of talented artists from all over the world. If you also want to go crazy while visiting Colombia, Medellin is the right address. You will find many like-minded tourists who want to have fun as well.

Here ( you can find all the information about any upcoming electronic music party in the city of Medellin.

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