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The Fun Forest Adventure Park in Kandel offers 24 exciting and varied courses in the middle of the Bienwald on an area of 7 hectares. The Parcours are all hand made and climbers beginning from the age of 3 can start to explore their skills. Course with numbers up to the number 6 is for beginners. The difficulty degree increases with each number. In the end, the ironman parkour awaits you with a 20m freefall. Every parkour is worth trying since there are all different and every parkour has their own hacks.

Their beautiful forest restaurant has various covered seating areas and a large event area for up to 200 people due to the great demand. The restaurant offers you delicious grill buffets and Palatinate specialties.

In addition to the permanent inspection of the safety managers, the system is subjected to an annual TÜV inspection, during which all conversions and technical innovations according to the current EU standard for the construction of rope courses are approved.

The trees are recorded in a so-called “tree register” and, in addition to permanent visual inspection, are checked and approved annually by a recognized tree expert.

You will receive detailed instructions and a via Ferrata set with harness and helmet before climbing. Your equipment will be checked carefully before use. A safety steel rope accompanies you all the way. Your belt is hung there with safety lines over 2 snap hooks. The “Safe Link SSB” provides a permanent security system, which The Fun Forest successfully introduced in the 2010 season. It prevents accidental complete detachment. This means maximum security, stress-free care and therefore more fun for all visitors, especially for school classes and children.

An experienced team of climbing experts ensures your safety. The Fun Forest is managed exclusively by trained “safety managers for adventure parks” according to the standard of the “International Adventure Park Association”.

Sports enthusiasts will find their challenges here. It really is a fantastic way to get to know your body and enhance your mental strength. It is super fun to defeat your fears whilst knowing that you are super safe. We highly recommend anyone to come and test yourself in Kandel.

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