The first edition of the Sommertag Festival was in 2016 at the main square in Karlsruhe. Already back then the event was a great success.

The second edition was in 2018 and took place at the Epplesee lake near Neuburg am Rhein in Palatinate, Germany.

In 2019 the festival opened its doors again at the same beautiful location.


The area was easily accessible and free parking spaces were available in the near surroundings. The main stage was placed right next to the lake and all visitors could practice their dance moves on the sandy shore. The second stage was not far from the entrance and had beautiful decor.


The festival experience was absolutely superb because of the closeness to nature. The organizer paid attention to detail and included various trees within the main stage which was a fantastic idea and gave the atmosphere the right touch.

Very popular and unique German DJs such as Felix Kröcher, A.N.A.L and Niereich showed off their talents. But also very good international Djs like the Italian Duo “999999999” and Regal from Spain delivered a good show.


The theme of this 2019 edition was live, love and laugh. I absolutely loved the gorgeous location, which couldn’t be chosen any better. The visitors proved to be the right crowd to party with and the music was on the spot too.

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