The biggest techno parade in the world takes place in Zurich, Switzerland. Almost 1 million people from all over the world gathered together to attend the 28th street parade in 2019. Together everyone danced to the beats of the 28 Love Mobiles and the eight stages.

It all started on the 5th September 1992 when the student Marek Krynski initiated the first episode of this colorful and unique event. Back then it was called “Demonstration of love, peace, freedom, generosity, and tolerance”. The 1000 party people along with 2 Love Mobiles did not know what was about to come in the following years.


Every second weekend of August the Street Parade proceeds along the side of Lake Zurich. The stages are strategically spread out along the way. The main stage is placed at the opera house which makes it the perfect spot for the world elite Dj’s to show their talents.


This year the theme of the Street Parade was “Colours Of Unity”. The organizers wanted to draw attention to the fact that a picture can only be colorful if a wide variety of colors are allowed and can unfold their effect together. The colors are representative of the different origins, views, education or backgrounds of all visitors.


In times when borders are closed and walls are built, tolerant people from all over the world come together and unite on the streets of Zurich. No matter what religion, skin color, origin, age or sexual orientation you belong to you have to experience this event. You will feel immediately the unbelievable positive energy of your co-dancers. You can see smiling faces everywhere.


Since 1996, the event is organized by the Street Parade Association. Today, the Street Parade has all the character of a popular festival, however legally it is still a political demonstration. This frees the organization of security costs, among all else that the city takes under its charge. Not only is Zurich one of the most beautiful cities in Europe but you can enjoy this parade without any charge.


Every time I attended the Streetparade it has improved its greatness. The Dj’s are among the very best in the world. The Love Mobiles and stages are designed with fantastic taste. Fireworks and special effects guarantee your best entertainment. It feels very safe despite the presence of so many people.


As a European, it makes me unbelievably proud to be part of such an event. It has been the 3rd time for me and I hope to be back soon. Thank you so much for all the love.

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