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‘Who says that my dreams have to stay just my dreams?’ – Is this something that holds true while working for Disneyland though? The perfect side gap year job while being able to live in Paris. Though you might not be able to save much money, you will leave with much more valuable: life experience. You are independent of home, making money and at the same time, you get to improve French and English language. This might be the best and easiest place to get all these things accommodated under one roof.


Why should I go?

Either you love Disney or you are just an adventurous person, you might find Disneyland the right place for you, at least for some time. The pay isn’t incredible for the Paris costs but sufficient to be able to tell your friends that you have lived in Paris once, that by itself is already an accomplishment. After all, French workers protection is fairly strict and you won’t overwork yourself. The work is very organized for being such a big company. Having said that, there is an interesting dynamic between the long time (CDI) and the short-term (CDD) workers. This is understandable as the motives are different.


Where should I stay?

The choice of living on or off-site isn’t an easy one. Surely, offside is more pricey but there are always great deals for short-term sublets within Paris, especially during the summer. Couchsurfing or Airbnb might be the right places to seek those out. I would definitely recommend looking for a place off-site, as you will be working 40h a week with Mickey, do you really also want to stay the rest of the week around Donald and his friends? There are bars in the village but being able to take a stroll on the Seine after work cannot be compared to it.


What do I need?

You will need a decent level of French, and most likely another European language as a back-up. That’s pretty much it. The requirements are not horribly hard to meet and as long as you are willing to obey the big company rules you are set to go. Your french will improve no matter what so no need to be scared.


After all, Disneyland is a great choice for an easy gap year experience to advance your French/English levels and not have to worry about money. Your basic needs will be covered and with the right kind of attitude, you might even be able to save some money for later.

For more information please visit this the homepage of Disney Land Paris.

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