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If you are on a day trip or an around-the-world journey, you need to accept that things don’t always work out the way you planned them. It is very important to see every mishap as an experience. Traveling is like a roller coaster ride. If you panic, things will get worse! Learn to enjoy the ride and deal with your problems one at the time. You need to relax and wait for good things to happen. Believe me, they will come to you when least expected and that is exactly the beauty of traveling. When everything goes wrong and the only thing you want is to take the next flight home, then you might meet somebody truly exceptional or end up in a place which makes you speechless. Do never forget, even if you think you are drowning, there is always a bit air in your lungs left.


I have been traveling since February 2011 and the art of serendipity kept me going. I had many downs during my journey where I wanted to through the towel. But I could not live without the moments which always remind me why I do what I do. I know that traveling is one of the most beautiful things in life despite all the hardship. If you are climbing a high mountain you do not always feel great. It is the view and bliss at the top which counts. Patience, courage, and relentlessness are the most important skills which will bring you to overcome every hurdle.


Things just go a different peace in other countries. You need to be willing to accept this without losing your temper. Learn to embrace the beautiful things which you encounter while on your journey. Many times I was in situations where I thought it would be unbelievable to get out of but then something completely unexpected happened which turned the situation around. These are the most exciting moments in life. 

One survey of patent holders found that an incredible 50 percent of patents resulted from what could be described as a serendipitous process (like penicillin).


Become a serendipiter! Don’t try to force things while on the road but rather gather your strength to fully enjoy the experience. Have fun, be spontaneous and believe in your good Karma.


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