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Everyone thinks at one time of his or her life how it would be like to hit the road and be like Bonny and Clyde. Is it really worth-it to leave everything behind? How does it feel to share every moment,living through all good and bad times together? Do you personally think that this is only a fairy tale you can read about in books or watch heartbreaking movies about? Well we made it far and would like to share a bit of our crazy adventurous roller-coaster relationship with you.


-You will be non stop together- too much of anything can be harmful! This can make you sometimes feel very lonely! You should use any time available to take a breath alone to avoid overdoses.
– At certain times you will have nothing to talk about other than recalling what happened during the common experiences. Therefore silence is gold sometimes.
-Both of you have to make many little and big compromises throughout the day and week. Try your best to stay calm ad kind.
-You both have a different longing for home and family. Be understanding for the homesickness of your partner.
– There will be incredible amounts of stress which you both have to deal with in your own way. Help each other to relax!
-Many factors such as hunger, discomfort, illnesses, weather and tough physical experiences make it hard to not release steam at the travel buddy. Just keep on trying!
– Not to have a routine is a challenging thing as every day is different and you both have to adjust and learn every day. Keep learning and try to be become the better you!

– You will have many adventures together!
– The both of you have the same goal to aim for which keeps you going!
– Common physical achievements (depending on the way you travel)!
– Kind and great people help you to strengthen your relationship!
– Some landscapes make you speechless, together!
– You both live through amazingly bounding experiences!
– You will remember your around-the-world-journey a lifetime! Every second of it. The both of you! And this ladies and gentlemen is probably one of the biggest gifts of our modern times!!

 Be careful whom you choose to take with you on your journey as this will certainly reveal who you really are. Believe us, even you will be surprised at times how you can change in tough situations. Not every romantic story ends well. In fact you take your beloved one on the hardest test there is out there.
What you both might find during such an adventure is unknown and in constant change. You will have bonding times which probably is only good enough for a Hollywood blockbuster.

Nevertheless there will be times you do not want to share with anyone as you hit rock bottom during free fall. If you recover from your pain and you can get up, again and again. Only then you will know how sweet and sour life is like on the road with your loved one and if it is really worth it. Be careful what you are aiming for as the results might vary a lot from what you expect.

Take it day by day. Is is very important not to overestimate yourself or your partner. Be humble and try to be kind in the most horrific moments. Support your lover and be supported. No one will ever know or understand what you both have been through and this is something to build on. After only a quite brief time on the road you will know your partner like no other. One can clearly say that you can more than quadruple the time on the road if you compare it to an ordinary relationship.

Therefore you need to put in at least 4 times the effort of what you would be willing to in any other relationship. You don’t have a time-out during your spin through the world and will be nonstop together which can be wonderful and cruel at the same time.

And eventually the most important thing for you all out there is:

DO NOT GIVE UP AND HAVE FUN,….until there is absolutely no other way than the emergency exit!!

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